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Hey! I’m Nathan.

I’m a big believer that clients are the lifeblood of your business.

Adhering to this is a lot harder than it sounds, it requires a conscious effort to continually listen, learn and improve your customers and hence your business.

I’m a big advocate of pursuing an excellent customer experience and helping people understand this goes way beyond design, UI, UX and the product itself.

An excellent customer experience needs all of this and to be enhanced by investing in building the relationship, ensuring a common understanding and delivering on your promises.

So far I’ve learnt a lot, but it’s the tip of the iceberg. The lessons that standout and I guide my actions by are

  • it is critical to maintain focus on the customer, their expectations and their experience
  • the best results are achieved when there is clarity of purpose and direction
  • it counts for nothing unless its executed well
  • there’s still a lot to learn

I love this stuff so let me know if you want to catch up for a coffee.


From the past…

I initially started in software development where I spent my days cutting code before deciding I wanted to be much closer to customers.

Whilst pursuing this I headed off to gain a better understand the business side and undertook an MBA to help.

I wanted more and gained experience in consulting, project management, product management and product strategy.

I’ll admit that the code does still call my name and I occasionally get my hands dirty with new technologies and languages.



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