How I regained control in the most nerve-wracking time of my life

It all started at 3am on Saturday when I was woken by my wife who had started to feel strong, recurring abdominal pain.

Fortunately she was pregnant, so it wasn’t too alarming.

The pains became more frequent and at 7am we headed to the hospital where we were checked in and ready to roll by 8am.

After some tense and exciting hours our second daughter, Eliana, was born.

She was healthy, my wife was overjoyed and I was ecstatic.

Eliana eventually relaxed and I started to reflect on what had just happened. It was truly awesome and my thoughts naturally moved to the birth of our first daughter, Sophia.

At least this time I had half a clue of what was coming, a complete contrast to when we had Sophia.

I remembered having no idea what to do, how to comfort her nor what to do next.

Why is she crying? Is something wrong?! What do I do?!

It was scary, I thought I’d have the answers but I didn’t.

I looked out the window on our wonderful view of a dumpster when it dawned on me that I was a parent and had to to take control.

It was up to me to sort this and I needed a plan! Everything is better with a plan!

I got cracking, talking to the midwives, doctors and exercising my Google-fu.

Shortly after, I had a page full of notes, times and techniques to get us through.

It certainly wasn’t perfect, it could all change in an instant but it was an enormous comfort.

The plan gave me control, I now knew what to expect and what to do.

Even if it fell apart I still had an anchor point to steer back to.

If you’re stuck in a situation where you can’t see a way out, get a plan, even if its extremely loose it will bring a sense of control.


The Countdown – 5 weeks to go!

There is now 5 weeks to go until our second child is due to arrive.

No doubt their reign of terror will start by terrorising those who are after a good nights sleep.

The first few months will be difficult but that doesn’t detract from the excitement at all!

I apologise for the zombie-like state in advance.